Respectful self-motivator gifted at finding reliable solutions for software issues. Experienced in Front-end development and offering skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue Fluent in English Accustomed to working with cross-cultural, global teams. Always committed to deadlines and a high-quality product.


Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology

2018 - 2022
Bachelor of Software Engineering


All projects preview,code,and live-view are available on

Leafcoin - V2

  • React, Typescript, UnoCSS, Custom Hooks, Data visualization
  • Second version of personal accounting PWA to record income and spending
  • State is managed using custom hooks

Leafcoin - V1

  • Vue, Typescript, Pinia, Routing, SCSS.
  • First version of personal accounting web app to keep track of spending
  • State is managed using Pinia
  • Mobile-first design

Gulu UI

  • UI Library with Vue and Typescript.
  • Published on NPM and ready to use.
  • Utilized Vue3 composition API
  • Covers 4 basic components: switch,button,dialogue window and tabs


Frontend Engineer

Hand Enterprise Solutions Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
Jun 2022 - Present
  • Built and maintained front-end infrastructure such as scaffolding, UI frameworks, and component libraries to ensure the consistency and scalability of the company's web applications.
  • Conducted research and development on new technologies and frameworks, including PWA, Vue.js, and React, and developed strategies to implement them in production environments.
  • Worked on the development and maintenance of the company's CRM system, which involved collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure the application's robustness, scalability, and responsiveness.
  • Conducted code reviews, provided feedback and mentorship to junior developers, and promoted best practices in coding standards, testing, and deployment procedures.